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Highrise Drone Cleaners

Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 17:00
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Drone Sky Cleaners vision
Our vision at Drone Sky Cleaners is to lead the transformation of window cleaning, creating a skyline where buildings shine with unparalleled clarity. We envision a future where our drone-powered solutions set new industry standards, seamlessly merging efficiency and sustainability. Through continuous innovation, exceptional service, and a commitment to advancing cleaner technologies, we strive to shape a world where every window is a crystal-clear testament to our dedication.
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Drone Sky Cleaners mission
At Drone Sky Cleaners, our mission is to revolutionize window cleaning in Toronto. Through innovative drone technology, we provide efficient and cost-effective residential and commercial window washing services. Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and cutting-edge solutions defines us as pioneers in the industry. From mid-rise to high-rise buildings, we can help you keep your property as clean as possible. Join us in embracing a future where pristine windows enhance both aesthetics and environmental consciousness.
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michael bronson
"This is honestly a MUST. Not only is the cost of the window cleaning significantly cheaper than traditional methods, the chemicals used are safer, and the job gets done way faster.. Its a no brainer"
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jennifer o'neal
"We used Drone Sky Cleaners for our Toronto based inventory warehouse that needed consistent window washes throughout the year. These guys are by far the best window cleaning company in the GTA and they do jobs much quicker as well. :)"

Cheaper and faster than your regular roof/window cleaning crew

Before Drone Sky Cleaning

A layer of protective coating was put onto the dome roof that would prevent dirt, mold, and mildew. The
protective coating layer had not performed as expected, and they
were looking for a Safer, Faster, Smarter solution to bring life back
to the shining white dome seen by thousands daily.

After Drone Sky Cleaning

A spotless clean for a commercial building over 40,000 sqft was completed in just under 2 days, which normally takes them over 12 days. "One of the things that excited us about using a drone to clean our roof is the safety aspect." said the Director, who has agreed to work with our company long term.

By using a pair of C1 Spraying Drones, the total crew size was two, and no workers needed to repel or be put in a dangerous situation.

The total cost to clean the dome with the drones was $50k, a 95% cost decrease from $950k+ per clean.

A C1 Spraying Drone can cover over 3000 sqft in less than 30min. We were able to clean the entire 40,000 sqft facility in two days.

We were able to secure this high-profile job because of our drones. Based on our performance, results, and innovation, we were able to secure bigger contracts for the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

Our Step By Step Process

1. Pre-Inspection:

Before the cleaning process begins, a thorough inspection of the building's windows is conducted. This assessment helps identify any particularly dirty or hard-to-reach windows, as well as potential obstacles or hazards that the drone needs to navigate around.

2. Drone Setup:

The drone used for window cleaning is equipped with specialized cleaning equipment, including brushes, water jets, and cleaning solutions. It's important to ensure that the drone is calibrated correctly and its cleaning mechanisms are functioning properly.

3. Safety Measures:

Safety is paramount during drone operations. The area around the building is cordoned off to prevent unauthorized access and protect pedestrians. In some cases, traffic control might be necessary to ensure the safety of passersby.

4. Flight Planning:

A flight plan is developed, taking into consideration factors such as wind conditions, weather, and the layout of the building. The flight path is programmed to ensure efficient coverage of all windows.

5. Cleaning Process:

The drone is flown to the target windows. As it approaches each window, the cleaning mechanisms are activated. Brushes scrub the surface of the window, dislodging dirt and grime, while water jets rinse away the debris. Depending on the level of dirt, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions might be used to enhance the cleaning process.

6. Precision Control:

Modern drones are equipped with advanced stabilization systems, GPS navigation, and obstacle avoidance technology. This allows the operator to control the drone's movement with high precision, ensuring it stays on course and avoids collisions.

7. Revisiting Problem Areas:

If the initial cleaning pass does not achieve the desired level of cleanliness, the drone can revisit specific windows for a second pass. This ensures that even stubborn stains or grime are effectively removed.

8. Final Inspection:

After the cleaning process is complete, a final inspection is conducted to ensure that all windows are sparkling clean and streak-free.

9. Equipment Maintenance:

Regular maintenance of the drone's cleaning equipment and mechanisms is essential to ensure consistent performance. This includes cleaning and calibrating brushes, water jets, and other components.

10. Data Collection:

Some drone window cleaning companies may provide clients with before-and-after photos or videos of the cleaned windows as part of their service.

11. Safety Retrieval:

After completing the cleaning process, the drone is safely retrieved. Safety protocols are followed to prevent any accidents during the landing process.

12.  Next Cleaning Booked:

After finalizing the cleaning job, we then focus on scheduling the next clean. Depending on how large the property is, and its susceptibility to get dirty, will determine when the next clean is booked.

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